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             abstract = "The Land Use Land Cover (LULC) of reservoirs drainage areas can 
                         impact its water quality. Therefore the use of remote sensing 
                         techniques to evaluate de LULC associated with limnological data 
                         collection contributes to a better understanding of the 
                         spatial-temporal dynamics of water quality in these water bodies. 
                         This study aimed to evaluate the relation between the watershed 
                         LULC and the trophic state in the Funil reservoir, located in the 
                         Paraiba do Sul River Valley, one of the most industrialized 
                         regions of Brazil. The analyses were carried out using 
                         Landsat-5/TM images, limnological data collected at different 
                         seasons, and a geographic information system. A trophic state 
                         index (TSI) was calculated based on total phosphorous 
                         measurements. Preliminary results showed that from the temporal 
                         point of view, the reservoir has high TSI (i.e., lower water 
                         quality) during spring and winter months. From the spatial point 
                         of view, the reservoir showed low TSI (i.e., better water quality) 
                         in the region near the dam. The spatial and temporal dynamics of 
                         TSI in Funil reservoir is related to the LULC of its watershed, 
                         which is predominantly agricultural.",
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