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             abstract = "The generation of reliable information for improving the 
                         understanding of hydroelectric reservoir dynamics is fundamental 
                         for guiding decision-makers to implement best management 
                         practices. In this way, we assessed the performance of different 
                         interpolation algorithms to map the bathymetry of the 
                         Tucuru{\'{\i}} hydroelectric reservoir, located in the Brazilian 
                         Amazon, as an aid to manage and operate Amazonian reservoirs. We 
                         evaluated three different deterministic and one geostatistical 
                         algorithms. The performance of the algorithms was assessed through 
                         cross-validation and Monte Carlo Simulation. Finally, operational 
                         information was derived from the bathymetric grid with the best 
                         performance. The results showed that all interpolation methods 
                         were able to map important bathymetric features. The best 
                         performance was obtained with the geostatistical method (RMSE = 
                         0.92 m). The information derived from the bathymetric map (e.g., 
                         the level-area and level-volume diagram and the three-dimensional 
                         grid) will allow for optimization of operational monitoring of the 
                         Tucuru{\'{\i}} hydroelectric reservoir as well as the 
                         development of three-dimensional modeling studies.",
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