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                         modeling of six HII regions in the LMC and five HII regions in the 
                         SMC, allowed us to derive the abundances of He, C, N, O, Ne, S and 
                         Ar, which were compared with those obtained in the literature for 
                         HII regions, PN, and stars. The abundances were obtained by 
                         adjusting models of the CLOUDY code to the observed line 
                         intensities. The observations obtained at the Observat{\'o}rio 
                         Pico dos Dias of [S II] \λ6717/\λ6731 line ratios for 
                         HII regions in the SMC allowed the determination of the electron 
                         density with a high precision. Furthermore, the IUE data on [C 
                         III] \λ1909 lines were used to determine the abundance of 
                         carbon of six and five HII regions in the LMC and SMC, 
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