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             abstract = "We study the development of coherent structures in local 
                         simulations of the magnetorotational instability in accretion 
                         discs in regimes of on-off intermittency. In a previous paper, we 
                         have shown that the laminar and bursty states due to the on-off 
                         spatiotemporal intermittency in a one-dimensional model of 
                         non-linear waves correspond, respectively, to non-attracting 
                         coherent structures with higher and lower degrees of 
                         amplitude-phase synchronization. In this paper, we extend these 
                         results to a three-dimensional model of magnetized Keplerian shear 
                         flows. Keeping the kinetic Reynolds number and the magnetic 
                         Prandtl number fixed, we investigate two different intermittent 
                         regimes by varying the plasma beta parameter. The first regime is 
                         characterized by turbulent patterns interrupted by the recurrent 
                         emergence of a large-scale coherent structure known as two-channel 
                         flow, where the state of the system can be described by a single 
                         Fourier mode. The second regime is dominated by the turbulence 
                         with sporadic emergence of coherent structures with shapes that 
                         are reminiscent of a perturbed channel flow. By computing the 
                         Fourier power and phase spectral entropies in three dimensions, we 
                         show that the large-scale coherent structures are characterized by 
                         a high degree of amplitude-phase synchronization.",
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