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             abstract = "The study aims to analyze the spectral behavior of leaves of 
                         Eucalyptus globulus attacked in four different severity levels by 
                         Mycosphaerella spp. in different positions in the canopy of the 
                         tree in the four seasons, considering two regions of the 
                         electromagnetic spectrum: visible and near infrared. The plant 
                         material was collected in all seasons, in different positions in 
                         the tree (base, middle and top of the canopy extract). In the 
                         laboratory, leaves were classified into four levels of severity 
                         (healthy, little, medium and heavy fire) and then made 
                         measurements of spectral reflectance measured with a 
                         spectroradiometer. The spectral behavior of Eucalyptus globules 
                         leaves is characteristic according to the severity degree of the 
                         disease, differing primarily in the other high levels of infection 
                         by Mycosphaerella spp. and differ mainly of healthy leaves and 
                         leaves which are little attacked, in both regions of the 
                         electromagnetic spectrum, this behavior occurs for different 
                         treetop positions and climate seasons, varying the amount of 
                         reflected energy. It is concluded that the reflectance of the 
                         Eucalyptus globules leaves attacked by Mycosphaerella spp. differs 
                         according to the position in the tree crown and the weather 
                         station when they were collected and to the advanced levels of 
                         disease severity.",
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