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             abstract = "This paper presents a medium-scale traveling ionospheric 
                         disturbance (MSTID) occurrence detected through the OI 630.0 nm 
                         emission all-sky images, obtained by ground-based imaging systems 
                         installed at close geomagnetic conjugate locations: one at the 
                         Southern Space Observatory-SSO/CRS/INPE-MCTI, (29.4S, 53.8W), in 
                         Sao Martinho da Serra, RS, Brazil, and another at the Arecibo 
                         Observatory (18.3N, 66.7W), in Puerto Rico. The images obtained 
                         show the optical signature of MSTIDs (low intensity regions of 
                         630.0 nm airglow emission), propagating simultaneously in both 
                         hemispheres, during geomagnetically quiet conditions (Kp<3). 
                         Observations using digital ionosonde installed at Falkland Islands 
                         (51.4S, 57.5W) and Ramey, Puerto Rico (18.5N, 67.1W) show an 
                         abrupt upward motion of the ionospheric F region plasma and the 
                         occurrence of frequency-type spread-F that could be related to the 
                         MSTIDs observed optically. Using Global Positioning System (GPS) 
                         receiver data, we also obtained the rate of the Total Electronic 
                         Content (TEC) change (ROT) for two geomagnetically conjugated 
                         sites-Santa Maria (29.7S, 53.7W) and Virgin Islands (17.7 N, 
                         64.7W). The analysis of TEC allows us to identify an irregular 
                         ionization in the F layer associated with the passage of an MSTID. 
                         The possible effects of the South America Magnetic Anomaly (SAMA) 
                         on the electrodynamic processes that control the inter-hemispheric 
                         coupling that give origin to the conjugate MSTIDs are highlighted 
                         and discussed.",
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