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                         system model (BESM), with changes in the cloud cover scheme and 
                         optical properties of the atmospheric component, are analyzed and 
                         compared to those obtained from a previous version of BESM and 
                         also from other seven selected CMIP5 models. It is shown that this 
                         updated version of BESM, despite some persistent biases, more 
                         accurately represents the surface temperature variation at the 
                         Equator and the equatorial thermocline eastwest slope. These 
                         improvements are associated to a more realistic seasonal cycle 
                         achieved for the Atlantic equatorial undercurrent, as well as sea 
                         surface temperatures and zonal wind stress. The better simulation 
                         of the equatorial undercurrent is, in its turn, credited to a more 
                         realistic representation of the surface wind position and strength 
                         at the tropical Atlantic by the coupled model.With many of the 
                         systematic errors noticed in the previous version of the model 
                         alleviated, this version of BESM can be considered as a useful 
                         tool for modelers involved in Atlantic variability studies.",
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