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                         modeling and the analysis of the interaction between subsystems 
                         and components as well as the influence of changes in the design 
                         parameters of the propulsion system in the trajectory and payload 
                         mass. In other words the coupling among the propulsion system, the 
                         trajectory, and the mass of the launch vehicle is studied. To 
                         allow for greater reusability and extensibility of code it is used 
                         a modular structure using object-oriented programming. This 
                         software helps to identify the relevant structures to the problem 
                         and the relationships between them. As a case study, it is 
                         considered the future brazilian launch vehicle VLS-alfa, which 
                         will use the future L75 engine as the upper stage. The engine is a 
                         gas generator cycle and has ethanol and LOX as working fluids. The 
                         influence of parameters of the L75 engine on the trajectory and 
                         payload mass are evaluated.",
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