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             abstract = "Field Aligned Currents (FACs) play an important role for the 
                         coupling between ionosphere and magnetosphere. This coupling is 
                         directly influenced by solar wind and interplanetary magnetic 
                         field (IMF). In this work we observe characteristics of FACs 
                         during HILDCAAs (High-Intensity, Long duration, Continuous AE 
                         activity) by using high resolution OMNI data set consisting of 
                         1-min averaged ACE, Wind, IMP 8 and Geo-tail magnetic field. We 
                         also observe the perturbations in the \∆D (east-west) 
                         component of the geomagnetic field from the low latitude station 
                         (Vassouras) to predicate the field aligned currents. For three 
                         different HILDCAA events, the characteristics of FACs and 
                         perturbations in the \∆D component observe are quite 
                         dissimilar. The wavelet techniques (CWT, DWT and wavelet modulus 
                         correlation) and cross-correlation also show different results for 
                         each event. The times and frequencies resolution of FAC and 
                         \∆D obtained from CWT are different in each event. The 
                         nature of square wavelet coefficients obtain from DWT for FAC and 
                         \∆D are totally different. Both FAC and \∆D show 
                         good wavelet modulus correlation with components of interplanetary 
                         magnetic field (By and Bz) at the time of HILDCAA. We also observe 
                         the cross-correlation between FAC and \∆D, FAC and Ey and 
                         Ey and \∆D. During the non-storm HILDCAA, FAC shows 
                         negative correlation with \∆D. But it shows positive 
                         correlation for CIR and ICME preceding HILDCCAs. Similary, Ey and 
                         FAC also show negative correlation during non-storm HILDCAA but 
                         other two events show positive correlation. Finally, Ey and 
                         \∆D show positive correlation for all events. Observing 
                         these results, it can be suggested that the ground magnetic 
                         datasets obtained from low latitude may serve as the proxy for 
                         interplanetary conditions in the solar wind.",
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