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             abstract = "The sensitivity of the planetary boundary layer (PBL) 
                         parameterizations is investigated using the hybrid Fifth 
                         Generation Penn State University/National Center for Atmospheric 
                         Research (NCAR) Mesoscale Model (MM5) and its results were 
                         compared with observations from two field campaigns held during 
                         the dry and wet seasons at the Centro de Lan{\c{c}}amento de 
                         Alc{\^a}ntara (CLA). The comparisons were made using the 
                         integrated zonal and meridional components of observed and 
                         forecasted winds. Initially, three boundary layer 
                         parameterizations, in addition to the current parameterization, 
                         were selected for evaluation: Blackadar (BLK), Medium Range 
                         Forecast (MRF), Janjic (ETA) and Burk-Thompson (BT). The MRF and 
                         BLK schemes produced better results than the ETA and BT schemes. 
                         Nevertheless, MRF and BLK underestimate the zonal and meridional 
                         wind components by around 16% in the rainy season and overestimate 
                         them by on average 18% in the dry season.",
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