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             abstract = "Study region: The Tapaj{\'o}s Basin is an important Amazon 
                         tributary affected byhuman activities with great potential for 
                         water conflicts. The basin, as otherswithin the Amazon region, is 
                         receiving a number of hydropower plants, amongthem the Teles Pires 
                         plant, projected to operate in 2015.Study focus: Hydrological 
                         impacts due to climate change affect human activi-ties, such as 
                         hydroelectric generation, and should be carefully studied for 
                         betterplanning of water management. In this study, we assess 
                         climate change impactsby applying the MHD-INPE hydrological model 
                         using several climate modelsprojections as inputs. The impact 
                         assessment consisted of statistical shifts ofprecipitation and 
                         discharge. Energy production in a projected hydropower plantwas 
                         assessed through the development of annual power duration curves 
                         for eachprojection, also considering its design and structural 
                         limitations.New hydrological insights for the region: The high 
                         inter-model variability inthe climate projections drives a high 
                         variability in the projected hydrologicalimpacts. Results indicate 
                         an increase of basins sensitivity to climate change 
                         andvulnerability of water exploitation. Uncertainties prevent the 
                         identification of asingular optimal solution for impacts 
                         assessment. However, exploratory analysisof the plant design 
                         robustness for hydropower generation show a reduction in theenergy 
                         production even under projections of increased discharge, due to 
                         plantcapacity limitations. This is valuable information for 
                         stakeholders to decide aboutenergy production strategies.",
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