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             abstract = "Image segmentation is a fundamental step in several image 
                         processing tasks. It is a process where an image is divided into 
                         its constituent regions guided by a similarity criterion. One very 
                         interesting image segmentation method is the color structure code 
                         (CSC), which combines simultaneously split-and-merge and 
                         region-growing techniques. In this paper, a segmentation approach 
                         based on the CSC method, weighted color structure code (WCSC), is 
                         proposed. This method is guided by a nonlinear discrimination 
                         function, where the user-inference is captured by the Polynomial 
                         Mahalanobis distance, prioritizing, during the merging process, 
                         the regions with higher similarity to the user selected pattern. 
                         TheWCSC has color distribution pattern-oriented characteristic, 
                         showing better coherence among the segments with higher similarity 
                         to the selected pattern. A qualitative evaluation and parametric 
                         paired analysis were performed to compare CSC, WCSC and other 
                         segmentation methods results, using images from Berkeley 
                         benchmark. The results from these comparison indicate an 
                         improvement on the segmentation result obtained by the WCSC.",
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