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                         uplifted the forest fire emissions from Sumatra to the troposphere 
                         during the June 2013 haze crisis. WRF-Chem was used to simulate 
                         the formation and transport of biomass-burning haze during the 
                         study period of 16th to 26th June 2013. 27-km ,9-km and 3-km 
                         spatial grids were used to observe the South-Southeast Asian 
                         synoptic weather patterns and their effects on the transport of 
                         biomass-burning emissions from Sumatra to Peninsular Malaysia. 
                         Results show that PM10 emissions were lifted above the planetary 
                         boundary layer over Peninsular Malaysia on 24th June. The model 
                         was evaluated by comparing the results with high-spectral 
                         resolution LIDAR data of Singapore as well as meteorological data 
                         for Malaysia during the haze episode. The 3-km grid was used to 
                         resolve convection explicitly to identify the mechanisms that were 
                         responsible for the vertical transport of the biomass-burning 
                         emissions. These mechanisms were able to uplift the 
                         biomass-burning emissions within the troposphere and this could 
                         have significant long-range transport and global climatic 
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