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             abstract = "The solar minimum period of solar cycle 23 was unusually long and 
                         quiet in comparison to previous solar minimum in 1996. Several 
                         reports have been analyzing its features and impact under distinct 
                         point of view (Solomon et al., 2013; Lei et al., 2008; 
                         Verkhoglyadova et al., 2013) . In this work, we analyze the low 
                         latitude ionosphere in South America and its behavior under the 
                         impact of this peculiar period. The ionospheric variation is 
                         analyzed through typical ionospheric parameters such as the 
                         vertical total electron content, VTEC, the peak height of F2 
                         layer, hmF2, and F region critical frequency, foF2, in 2008, 
                         around the south crest of Equatorial Ionization Anomaly (EIA), in 
                         Cachoeira Paulista (45.0 o W, mag. lat: 16 o S, dip angle: 
                         -32.3o). We investigate of the role of High Speed Streams (HSSs) 
                         on the ionospheric variability.",
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