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             abstract = "This paper presents an analytical description of the 
                         three-dimensional swing-by. The main goal is to derive analytical 
                         equations for the variations of all the orbital elements of a 
                         particle that makes a close approach with a celestial body. Those 
                         derivations are based in the {"}patched-conics{"} approximation, 
                         which means that a series of keplerian orbits are assumed for the 
                         particle. After deriving the equations they are verified using the 
                         Tisserand's Criterion, which is a rule that must be followed by 
                         the keplerian elements before and after a swing-by. Then, 
                         simulations using those equations are made to verify the effects 
                         of the swing-bys. The final contribution is a complete set of 
                         analytical equations, developed and confirmed by numerical 
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