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             abstract = "Wetland extent, vegetation cover, and inundation state were mapped 
                         for the first time at moderately high (100 m) resolution for the 
                         entire lowland Amazon basin, using mosaics of Japanese Earth 
                         Resources Satellite (JERS-1) imagery acquired during low- and 
                         high-water seasons in 1995-1996. A wetlands mask was created by 
                         segmentation of the mosaics and clustering of the resulting 
                         polygons; a rules set was then applied to classify wetland areas 
                         into five land cover classes and two flooding classes using 
                         dual-season backscattering values. The mapped wetland area of 8.4 
                         x 10(5) km(2) is equivalent to 14 % of the total basin area (5.83 
                         x 10(6) km(2)) and 17 % of the lowland basin (5.06 x 10(6) km(2)). 
                         During high-water season, open water surfaces accounted for 9 % of 
                         the wetland area, woody vegetation 77 %, and aquatic macrophytes 
                         14 %. Producer's accuracy as assessed using high-resolution 
                         digital videography was better than 85 % for wetland extent. The 
                         mapped flooding extent is representative of average high- and 
                         low-flood conditions for latitudes north of 6A degrees S; flooding 
                         conditions were less well captured for the southern part of the 
                         basin. Global data sets derived from lower-resolution optical 
                         sensors capture less than 25 % of the wetland area mapped here.",
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