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             abstract = "Six different satellite rainfall estimates are evaluated for a 
                         24-hour accumulation period at 12 UTC with a 025 degree 
                         resolution. The rain gauge data are obtained from a dense 
                         inter-institutional station network for December 1, 2008 to 
                         November 30, 2010 over South America. The evaluated satellite 
                         rainfall products are the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission 3B42 
                         V6, V7 and RT, the NOAA/Climate Prediction Center Morphing 
                         technique (CMORPH), Hydroestimator (HYDRO) and the Combined Scheme 
                         algorithm (CoSch). The validation and inter-comparison of these 
                         products are focused on southern South America. The performance 
                         improves lathe {"}blended{"} estimates by including microwave 
                         observations and surface observations in the adjustments, i.e., 
                         3B42 V6, V7 and CoSch; however, large overestimations are 
                         detectable in CMORPH, principally for extreme values over plains 
                         areas. The estimates based on parameters associated with infrared 
                         images only (HYDRO) underestimate precipitation south of 20 
                         degrees S and tend to overestimate the warm precipitation to the 
                         north. The inclusion of observed precipitation data is convenient 
                         from monthly (3842 V7 and V6) to daily scales (CoSch) and improves 
                         the estimates. The estimates that include microwave observations 
                         show a strong tendency to overestimate extreme values of 
                         precipitation over 70 mm. This effect is strongly evident in 
                         northern and central Argentina and southern Brazil. A deeper 
                         assessment is necessary, particularly over the Central Andes, 
                         where effects of topography principally associated with solid 
                         precipitation correspond to the persistence of majorly 
                         overestimated precipitation.",
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