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             abstract = "The Sun is a natural laboratory for plasma processes. A myriad of 
                         instruments aboard satellites and on ground record(ed) the plasma 
                         emission in different ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum to 
                         help understand such processes. In particular, in the outer part 
                         of the solar atmosphere, the solar corona, we can observe a 
                         multitude of electrodynamical phenomena. There, the faint corona 
                         emission and the associated dynamic plasma structures (e.g., 
                         coronal mass ejections-CMEs) recorded in white-light images can be 
                         used as basis for some insight of this physical scenario. In order 
                         to characterize the dynamics and morphology of such structures in 
                         a better way, it seems crucial that some features of those images 
                         should be enhanced. To deal with this need, a new approach using a 
                         complex wavelet transform methodology was developed. With the 
                         proposed methodology, we can highlight the plasma ejections 
                         improving the identification of those structures.",
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