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                         palynology, C and N isotopes and radiocarbon dating of a sediment 
                         core from an herbaceous plain not flooded by tides of the Amapa 
                         littoral, near the Amazon River mouth, allowed identification of 
                         two phases with marine and terrestrial influences. Mangroves 
                         occurred over tidal mud flats with marine influence between 
                         >5610-5470 and 470-310 cal yr BP. The absence of mangrove 
                         vegetation since 470-310 cal yr was followed by the transition of 
                         brackish water organic matter to terrestrial C-3 plants. Also, the 
                         geochemical data indicate a decrease in sea water influence during 
                         this last time interval. Likely, the displacement of mangrove 
                         forest to lower surfaces was caused by a relative sea-level fall 
                         that may be associated with drier conditions with less rainfall 
                         during the second part of the last millennium. As suggested by 
                         this work, slight relative sea-level fluctuations caused by 
                         regional or global climatic change may affect significantly the 
                         current mangrove area.",
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