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             abstract = "Atomization plays an important role in combustion and propulsion 
                         systems, including applications in transportation and power 
                         generation. The uncertainties in oil supply and environmental 
                         concerns motivate the development of new combustion technologies 
                         using biofuels, capable of operating with high thermal efficiency, 
                         low operational cost and reduced environmental impact. Flameless 
                         combustion is a promising technology that allows the reduction of 
                         pollutant emissions with high combustion efficiency. This work 
                         describes the characteristics of soy methyl ester (SME) sprays 
                         produced by a blurry injector. Characteristics droplet diameters, 
                         discharge coefficients, air-to-liquid mass ratios, air and liquid 
                         pressures and spray cone angles were experimentally determined. 
                         Three nozzle tip configurations have been tested: cylindrical, 
                         conical and conical-cylindrical. All nozzles configurations have 
                         presented high atomization efficiency, yielding relatively small 
                         characteristics diameters (SMD and MMD) and narrow spray cone 
                         angles, favoring its application in compact combustion systems.",
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