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             abstract = "The thermodynamics of the seasonal evolution of the Southwestern 
                         Tropical Atlantic Warm Pool (hereafter SWTAWP), which is delimited 
                         by the 28 °C isotherm, is investigated using the Regional Ocean 
                         Modeling System (ROMS). Results indicate that the net heat flux is 
                         responsible for the appearance and extinction of the SWTAWP. From 
                         March to May, the SWTAWP attains its maximum development and 
                         sometimes merges with equatorial warm waters towards the African 
                         continent, whose development follows the same period. Along the 
                         equator, the combination of oceanic terms (i.e., advection and 
                         diffusion) is important to promote the separation when it occurs 
                         of equatorial warm waters from southwestern tropical waters, which 
                         develops off the Brazilian coast. An analysis of the relative 
                         contribution of the temperature tendency terms of the mixed layer 
                         (ML) heat budget over the appearance, development and extinction 
                         of the SWTAWP is also done. The most important term for warming 
                         and cooling inside of the ML is the net heat flux at the sea 
                         surface. The ML is heated by the atmosphere between October and 
                         April, whereas the upper ocean cools down between May and 
                         September. The highest heat content values occur during the 
                         lower-temperature period (August to October), which is linked to 
                         the deepening of the ML during this time period. The horizontal 
                         advection along the equator is important, particularly at the 
                         eastern domain, which is influenced by the cold tongue. In this 
                         area, the vertical diffusive term is also significant; however, it 
                         presents values near zero outside the equator. These results 
                         contribute to a better understanding of the behavior of the heat 
                         budget within the tropical Atlantic, as previous studies over this 
                         region focused along the equator only.",
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