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             abstract = "In recent years, discussions regarding scenarios methods for the 
                         Brazilian Amazon have been mostly explored from the sole 
                         perspective of deforestation concerns. This paper proposes an 
                         original approach using participatory scenarios as a method that 
                         may be able to put in perspective, at different levels of 
                         decision-making, a specific action of territorial planning in 
                         Par{\'a} State, Brazil. The method allows the dialogue between 
                         stakeholder representatives, government organizations and 
                         communities involved in that territorial process. The scenarios 
                         produced substantial and sometimes contradictory data: while they 
                         can be considered as a way of empowerment for the local 
                         communities, participatory scenarios also have their limits and 
                         may reveal structural forms of authority or domination within the 
                         project-promoting institutions and local communities. The 
                         information collected allows scientists of various areas 
                         (Modeling, Social Sciences), community leaders and managers to 
                         elaborate a reflection upon the levers that may condition the 
                         implementation of effective actions and public policies in 
                         territorial units.",
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