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             abstract = "It was analyzed the occurrence of severe events in the Rio Grande 
                         do Sul (RS) from 2004 to 2008, the regions affected by them and 
                         the impact of severe event that reached the greatest number of 
                         municipalities. Data of severe events occurrence and RS 
                         municipalities affected by them, obtained from CEDCRS 
                         (Coordenadoria Estadual de defesa Civil do RS) database, were 
                         used. The results showed that: 247 severe events affected 55,6% of 
                         the RS municipalities; windstorm and hail were the RS severe 
                         events more frequently registered; the quarters and the RS region 
                         most affected by severe events were Oct-Nov-Dec and Jul-Aug-Sep, 
                         and the north portion of state, respectively. In addition, hail 
                         affected 47,8% of RS municipalities affected by severe events; 
                         generated emergence situation in 70,2% of communications, and 
                         reached preferentially the northwest of state.",
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