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             abstract = "We present a dynamical analysis of the galaxy cluster AC114 based 
                         on a catalogue of 524 velocities. Of these, 169 (32 per cent) are 
                         newly obtained at European Southern Observatory (Chile) with the 
                         Very Large Telescope and the VIsible MultiObject spectrograph. 
                         Data on individual galaxies are presented and the accuracy of the 
                         measured velocities is discussed. Dynamical properties of the 
                         cluster are derived. We obtain an improvedmean redshift value z= 
                         0.31665  0.0008 and velocity dispersion \σ = 1893+73 -82 km 
                         s-1. A large velocity dispersion within the core radius and the 
                         shape of the infall pattern suggests that this part of the cluster 
                         is in a radial phase of relaxation with a very elongated radial 
                         filament spanning 12 000 km s-1. A radial foreground structure is 
                         detected within the central 0.5 h-1 Mpc radius, recognizable as a 
                         redshift group at the same central redshift value. We analyse the 
                         colour distribution for this archetype Butcher-Oemler galaxy 
                         cluster and identify the separate red and blue galaxy sequences. 
                         The latter subset contains 44 per cent of confirmed members of the 
                         cluster, reaching magnitudes as faint as Rf= 21.1 (1.0mag fainter 
                         than previous studies). We derive a mass M200 = (4.3  0.7)  1015 
                         M h-1. In a subsequent paper, we will utilize the spectral data 
                         presented here to explore the mass-metallicity relation for this 
                         intermediate redshift cluster.",
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