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             abstract = "This paper analyzes atmospheric conditions related to an extreme 
                         rainfall event that reached Northern of Rio Grande do Sul (RS) in 
                         July 10, 2007. Different data sources were used: rainfall daily 
                         data from 16 meteorological surface stations of RS to verify the 
                         rainfall registered on RS during the event; infra-red (channel 4) 
                         satellite imagery from GOES 10 (Geostationary Operational 
                         Environmental Satellite), to analyze the evolution of 
                         meteorological system that generated the event; surface and 
                         altitude synoptic charts from July 10, 2007 at 00 UTC to analyze 
                         the meteorological systems acting on the RS and data from 
                         NCEP-CFSR Reanalysis (National Centers for Environmental 
                         Prediction - Climate Forecast System Reanalysis), to analyze the 
                         large-scale environment associated with the event. The results 
                         showed that the circulation in low-level of the atmosphere 
                         contributed to supply the study area with large amount of heat and 
                         humidity. This condition combined with the occurrence of Frontal 
                         System observed from July 09, 2007 contributed to the organization 
                         of atmospheric instability and convective cloudiness observed, 
                         favoring the occurrence of the extreme rainfall registered in 
                         Northern RS in July 10, 2007.",
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