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                         magnetic-semiconductor Eu1\−xPbxTe epitaxial layers with Pb 
                         contents up to 5%. We show that the inclusion of a small amount of 
                         Pb atoms in EuTe affects the optical and magnetic properties of 
                         the resulting alloy. The incorporation of Pb gives rise to a 
                         reduction of the N{\'e}el temperature and of the slope of the 
                         giant magneto-red-shift of the magnetic polaron optical emission. 
                         All those effects can be understood in terms of the magnetic 
                         dilution effect due to the reduced Eu concentration. The 
                         introduction of Pb also reveals a splitting of the high emission 
                         energy side-band under applied magnetic field, presenting a more 
                         complex feature of the band structure of the alloys. Our results 
                         cannot be fully explained on the basis of the current theoretical 
                         knowledge of the EuTe band structure and, therefore, we expect 
                         that they can stimulate future theoretical investigations and 
                         encourage applied investigations of spintronic devices based on 
                         these materials.",
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