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             abstract = "The cosmic star formation rate (CSFR) represents the fraction of 
                         gas that is converted into stars within a certain comoving volume 
                         and at a given time t. However the evolution of the dark matter 
                         haloes and its relationship with the CSFR is not yet clear. In 
                         this context, we have investigated the role of the dark halo mass 
                         function - DHMF - in the process of gas conversion into stars. We 
                         observed a strong dependence between the fraction of baryons in 
                         structures, fb, and the specific mass function used for describing 
                         the dark matter haloes. In some cases, we have obtained fb greater 
                         than one at redshift z=0. This result indicates that the evolution 
                         of dark matter, described by the specific DHMF, could not trace 
                         the baryonic matter without a bias parameter. We also observed 
                         that the characteristic time-scale for star formation, \τ, 
                         is strongly dependent on the considered DHMF, when the model is 
                         confronted against the observational data. Also, as part of this 
                         work it was released, under GNU general public license, a Python 
                         package called pycosmicstar to study the CSFR and its relationship 
                         with the DHMF.",
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