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             abstract = "We present a new optical polarimetric catalog for the Small 
                         Magellanic Cloud (SMC). It contains a total of 7207 stars, located 
                         in the northeast (NE) and Wing sections of the SMC and part of the 
                         Magellanic Bridge. This new catalog is a significant improvement 
                         compared to previous polarimetric catalogs for the SMC. We used it 
                         to study the sky-projected interstellar magnetic field structure 
                         of the SMC. Three trends were observed for the ordered magnetic 
                         field direction at position angles (PAs) of (65  10), (115  
                         10), and (150  10). Our results suggest the existence of an 
                         ordered magnetic field aligned with the Magellanic Bridge 
                         direction and SMCs Bar in the NE region, which have PAs roughly at 
                         115. 4 and 45, respectively. However, the overall magnetic field 
                         structure is fairly complex. The trends at 115 and 150 may be 
                         correlated with the SMCs bimodal structure, observed in Cepheids 
                         distances and HI velocities. We derived a value of Bsky = (0.947 
                         \∼0.079) \μG for the ordered sky-projected magnetic 
                         field, and B = (1.465 \∼0.069) \μG for the turbulent 
                         magnetic field. This estimate of Bskyis significantly larger (by a 
                         factor of \∼10) than the line of sight field derived from 
                         Faraday rotation observations, suggesting that most of the ordered 
                         field component is on the plane of the sky. A turbulent magnetic 
                         field stronger than the ordered field agrees with observed 
                         estimates for other irregular and spiral galaxies. For the SMC the 
                         BskyB ratio is closer to what is observed for our Galaxy than 
                         other irregular dwarf galaxies.",
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