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             abstract = "Through electromagnetic simulation, the present work reports on a 
                         comparative study of the enhanced radiation properties of a 
                         standard X-band horn antenna loaded by a wire medium. Acting as an 
                         artificial dielectric, the wire medium consists of an array of 
                         parallel metallic wires installed into the antenna with the wires 
                         oriented in the direction of the incident electric field. As 
                         compared with the properties of the air horn antenna, the 
                         wire-medium antenna produces an appreciable reduction in the 
                         side-lobe levels with an improvement of 10 dB at 8.87 GHz in the 
                         first side lobe. For the wire-medium antenna, the E- and H-plane 
                         radiation patterns look similar, a property desired for precision 
                         radar and radiometric mapping systems.",
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