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             abstract = "TM/Landsat 5 images (April and May 2009) from Cap{\~a}o Bonito 
                         (SP) region where Eucalyptus urophilla, Eucalyptus grandis and a 
                         hybrid of both species have been planted were utilized in the 
                         spectral characterization of some stands that presented structural 
                         differences explained mainly by age. These images have been 
                         converted to physical values such as surface reflectance factors 
                         and from these values principal components images were generated. 
                         The dispersion of PC1 and PC2 on a bi-dimensional space has been 
                         evaluated to identify tendencies of pixels positioning. Results 
                         have shown that for young eucalyptus canopies (up to 3 years old) 
                         the positioning is well defined, occupying the lower part of the 
                         dispersion clouds and far from the graph origin (zero). This 
                         result indicates more participation of the lower portions of the 
                         canopies, which presents lower values of reflectance in the near 
                         infrared (bare soil or dry branches) and high reflectance in the 
                         visible region. The older canopies presented higher influence of 
                         photosynthetic active leaves rather than the shadowed and lower 
                         portions of the canopies. The spectral characterization of 
                         eucalyptus canopies at the two temporal set of data was 
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