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                         reference-plane-invariant and thickness-independent constitutive 
                         parameters measurement of thin materials. A function depending 
                         only on the interface reflection coefficient to facilitate fast 
                         computations of constitutive parameters is derived. In addition to 
                         the extraction of sample thickness, the method can also be applied 
                         to unique retrieval of constitutive parameters whose 
                         electromagnetic properties are yet unknown. We have performed an 
                         uncertainty analysis to examine how the accuracy of the method can 
                         be improved. Finally, we have compared the proposed method with 
                         other similar methods in the literature using measurements of 
                         distilled water and a thinner Plexiglas sample (1 mm). From the 
                         comparison, we note that the accuracy of our proposed method is 
                         not affected by any inaccurate knowledge of reference-plane 
                         positions and the sample length (or both) while those of compared 
                         methods are seriously decreased.",
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