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             abstract = "We present here an evidence that cosmogenic 7Be isotopes produced 
                         in the lower stratosphere were measured in near-ground air at Rio 
                         de Janeiro, Brazil, after the southern hemispheric Sudden 
                         Stratospheric Warming (SSW) of 2002. The analysis presented here 
                         is based on a comparison of 7Be data measured around Angra Nuclear 
                         Power Station (23S 44W) during the last three decades and a 
                         model estimate of the near-ground air 7Be concentration using the 
                         CRAC:7Be model of cosmogenic production together with a simplified 
                         model for atmospheric 7Be deposition that assimilates the regional 
                         precipitation data. Our results indicate that an anomalous 
                         stratosphere-troposphere coupling associated to the unique SSW of 
                         2002 allowed stratospheric aerosols carrying 7Be to reach the 
                         ground level very quickly. This methodology points to an important 
                         use of 7Be as a quantitative tracer for stratospheric influence on 
                         near-ground air patterns.",
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