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             abstract = "In this letter, we comment on the applicability of the derived 
                         characteristic equation (Eq. (7)) in a recently published article 
                         of Guoxin [Rev. Sci. Instrum. 86, 014704 (2015)]. To validate our 
                         comment, we first derive another characteristic function for 
                         determination of complex permittivity of dielectric materials for 
                         the configurations considered in the above article using 
                         calibration-independent uncorrected S-parameters for 
                         transmission-line measurements (coaxial-line, waveguide, 
                         free-space, etc). Unlike the characteristic equation in this 
                         article, the characteristic equation derived here for 
                         determination of the complex permittivity of liquid samples does 
                         not require any knowledge about the complex permittivity of plugs, 
                         used for holding liquid samples in place. We then performed 3-D 
                         full-wave simulations for the measurement configurations presented 
                         in Guoxin's article for substantiation of the characteristic 
                         equation derived in this letter.",
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