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                         is a lot of concurrent users. Some systems have peak access during 
                         certain times, others have a lot of concurrent users regularly. 
                         Thus, these systems must be able to perform equally as a growing 
                         number of requests. The study of system scalability that 
                         manipulate database considers read operations in database systems. 
                         However, in this paper we present an approach for horizontal 
                         scalability on systems that perform write database operations. The 
                         proposed approach uses queuing theory and differs from commonly 
                         developed solutions like clustering databases and elasticity in 
                         the cloud. A case study was conducted with an application of 
                         persistent logs, and two versions of the application have been 
                         implemented in order to compare the efficiency of the use of 
                         queues. Results show the efficiency of the use of queuing theory 
                         implemented to allow scalability for applications with a large 
                         amount of writing database operations.",
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