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             abstract = "In 29 December 2014 four people were killed by lightning in Praia 
                         Grande beach, state of S{\~a}o Paulo, in the Southeast region of 
                         Brazil. This was the second largest number of fatalities due to a 
                         single lightning in the Brazilian history. In less than 30 
                         minutes, 16 cloud-to-ground flashes occur in a distance less than 
                         5 km from the location of the fatality, detected by the Brazilian 
                         Lightning Detection Network (BrasilDAT), in association with a 
                         thunderstorm related to a cold front. The article describes a new 
                         computational tool to predict the occurrence of this kind of 
                         thunderstorm, giving a forecast with great anticipation and large 
                         precision that can be used to provide prior alert for the 
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