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                         Brazilian Earth System Model (BESM- version 2.5) when exposed to 
                         abrupt CO2 changes. Wewillcalculatedifferencesbetweentwo,30years 
                         experiments of the BESM model, from 2007 to 2036 (30 years), both 
                         of runs star/ng from a 150 years spinup, but one run has 
                         atmospheric CO2 concentra/on at preindustrial values (280 ppmv) 
                         and the other has constant and abrupt 1200 ppmv (4xCO2). 
                         Theworkanalyzesthedifferencesofabruptlychanged integra/ons (1200 
                         ppmv) and not abruptly integra/ons (280 ppmv), more precisely, 
                         calcula/ng 12 Climate Extreme Indices using the fields of 
                         precipita/on, maximum and minimum temperature over South 
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