author = "Kienbaum, Germano de Souza",
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             abstract = "This technical report documents the results from a collaborative 
                         research project carried out by the author in the quality of 
                         postdoctoral researcher and academic visitor from the National 
                         Space Research Institute (INPE/Brazil) at Loughborough University, 
                         UK. The project was entitled A Framework for Process Science and 
                         Technology and its Applications to Systems Concurrent Engineering 
                         and it addressed the broad context of enterprises´ business 
                         process oriented modelling, both from a structural - (Business) 
                         Process Orientation (PO) - and from a managerial - Business 
                         Process Management (BPM) points of view. These subjects are 
                         usually treated in the literature under the umbrella denomination 
                         of Business Process Maturity Models (BPMM).",
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