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             abstract = "In this paper, a novel solution for the mixed actuators problem is 
                         proposed. This approach uses a multiobjective optimization 
                         technique for commanding a group of actuators (thrusters, reaction 
                         wheels and magnetic torqrods) simultaneously optimizing a set of 
                         objective functions. The multiobjective problem is formulated 
                         using combinatorial combinations of the control signal for 
                         composing the decision space. The proposed model, called Actuator 
                         Multiobjective Command Method (AMCM), is included in a complete 
                         guidance, navigation and control loop applied to the final 
                         approach rendezvous scenario. Its performance, compared to 
                         different actuators configurations, has been evaluated in 
                         numerical simulations. In addition, AMCM has been integrated and 
                         tested in the hardware-in-the-loop rendezvous and docking 
                         simulator of the German Aerospace Center. Results have indicated 
                         effectiveness and robustness in both purely numerical and 
                         real-time simulations.",
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