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             abstract = "The goal of this study is to evaluate the influence of the 
                         gravitational attraction of the Sun, and the Galilean moons, 
                         during orbital maneuvers of a spacecraft orbiting Jupiter. 
                         Initially ideal thrusters, capable of applying infinite magnitude 
                         of the thrust, were used. Thus, impulsive optimal maneuvers were 
                         obtained by scanning the solutions of the Two Point Boundary Value 
                         Problem (TPBVP) for various values of transfer time in order to 
                         select the impulsive maneuver of minimum necessary velocity 
                         increment. Then, the selected maneuver was simulated considering a 
                         more realistic model of the propulsion system. In fact is not 
                         possible to accomplish an impulsive maneuver. Thus, the orbital 
                         maneuver must be distributed in a propulsive arc around the 
                         position of the impulse given by the solution of the TPBVP. In 
                         this arc was used a continuous thrust, limited to the capacity of 
                         the thrusters, with automatic correction of the trajectory. 
                         However the effect of the propulsive arc is not exactly equivalent 
                         to the application of an impulse. The evaluation of the difference 
                         between these approaches is extremely relevant in the mission 
                         analysis and spacecraft design of the trajectory control system. 
                         Therefore, the influence of the capacity of thrusters in the 
                         trajectory was evaluated for a more realistic model instead of the 
                         ideal case represented by the impulsive approach.",
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