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             abstract = "The plasma etching method has become increasingly known for its 
                         effectiveness in surface modification of diamond. The use of this 
                         method in this type of treatment can be highlighted by the control 
                         of conditions in a precise manner, such as time, pressure and 
                         plasma energy. Control of such conditions enables the results to 
                         be reproduced. The objective of this study is to characterize and 
                         investigate the structure and electrochemical behavior of 
                         nanographite thin films before and after of the attack on its 
                         surface with argon RF plasma. The surface modification of the 
                         sample nanographite was held at a temperature of 27║ C, gas flow 
                         rate 30 sccm, and time of 3 minutes. For structural analysis, the 
                         techniques used were the Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), the 
                         Raman Spectroscopy and Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Excited X-ray 
                         (XPS). Furthermore, the electrochemical characterization was 
                         performed by cyclic voltammetry, using the redox pair potassium 
                         ferrocyanide. The SEM does not show any significant change in the 
                         morphology of the films. The Raman shows a change in peak 
                         intensity and a slight displacement. The XPS shows change in 
                         nanographite sample spectrum modified with argon compared to the 
                         pure nanographite. By cyclic voltammetry it is possible to verify 
                         that the sample modified with argon influences the capacitive 
                         behavior and redox peaks, in other words, in the electrical 
                         conductivity of the electrodes.It was concluded that nanographite 
                         thin films modified with argon RF plasma although clearly not 
                         suffer any noticeable change in morphology, change their 
                         structures and electrochemical characteristics.",
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