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             abstract = "This work reports on effect of magnesium addition on the Ti6Si2B 
                         stability in Ti-xMg-22Si-11B (x = 2 and 7 at.-%) alloys prepared 
                         by high-energy ball milling and subsequent sintering. Ball milling 
                         was conducted under Ar atmosphere in stainless steel vials and 
                         balls. Following, the powders milled for 600 minutes were 
                         uniaxially compacted in order to obtain cylinder samples with 6 mm 
                         diameter. To obtain the equilibrium structures the green samples 
                         were sintered at 1100oc for 240 minutes under Ar atmosphere. X-ray 
                         diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy 
                         dispersive spectrometry (EDS) were used to characterize the 
                         as-milled powders and sintered samples. XRD patterns of as-milled 
                         Ti-7Mg-22Si-11B powders indicated the presence of Ti peaks only, 
                         indicating that extended Ti solid solutions were achieved. In 
                         contrary, the Ti5Si3 phase was also formed during milling of 
                         Ti-2Mg-22Si-11B powders. After sintering at 1100oC for 240 min, 
                         both the Ti-2Mg-22Si-11B and Ti-7Mg-22Si-11B alloys indicated the 
                         presence of Ti6Si2B phase as matrix. However, the amount of Ti and 
                         TiB precipitates was increased in microstructure of the 
                         Ti-7Mg-22Si-11B alloy.",
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