author = "Bertelli, Cosimo R. and Loureiro, Geilson",
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             abstract = "This paper aims to present the importance to create a new and lean 
                         process for identifying potential failures during development of 
                         complex products. It has been identified in the literature and in 
                         companies the lack of knowledge to select the most appropriate 
                         quality tools in order to solve and or prevent the potential 
                         problems that might appear during the prototype development and 
                         launching phases of complex products. Literature about quality 
                         tools are easily found, therefore there is much questioning on the 
                         appropriate quality tools to be selected and how, where and when 
                         they should be applied. Based on this, this article aims to 
                         provide the understanding of the quality tools during program 
                         development and direct their application (Design for Six Sigma, 
                         Design FMEA, QFD, TRIZ, Robust Engineering, DFM and DFA). It is 
                         noticeable that even applying quality tools during all phases of 
                         complex products the failures still exist and, therefore, still 
                         cause a lot of problems to the companies that can be letal 
                         (example: at aerospace, automotive, metallurgical, medical and 
                         others companies) (CANCIGLIERI, OKIMURA, 2015) [1]. Besides all 
                         this, this paper will provide the evidence that something in 
                         addition to quality tools application should be done to guarantee 
                         design robustness of complex products. Two case studies provide 
                         evidences that only performing quality tools analysis like Design 
                         FMEA, DFSS, DFM, DFA and others is not enough to achieve the 
                         objectives of quality, as well as competitiveness, that large 
                         companies are looking for. A new and lean process is necessary to 
                         evaluate and identify the failures in a robust and definitive 
                         scenario. The new processes is based on the concept of Lean System 
                         Engineering as well as Lean Engineering Principles and propose to 
                         create a dual process to the systems engineering process 
                         mitigating the risks of failing what should be done as planned in 
                         the product and its life cycle processes.",
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