author = "Genaro, Andreia F{\'a}tima Sorice and Loureiro, Geilson",
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             abstract = "This paper aims to present a new approach to Integrated Management 
                         System (IMS), as a management system able to manage all 
                         stakeholders identified by an organization. A worldwide trend to 
                         integrate the requirements of different standardized management 
                         systems is observed, but organizations have faced an increasing 
                         number of standardized systems, motivating many researchers to 
                         focus on new integration methodologies. Taking as reference the 
                         management systems used by the most organizations (e.g.: quality, 
                         environmental, safety and occupational health and social 
                         responsibility), this paper intends to present the existing 
                         commonalities among the requirements of these standards and after 
                         that, to present the existing commonalities among stakeholders 
                         identified for each integrable requirements. Stakeholder 
                         management can also be interpreted as an effective way to map out 
                         requirements for processes and products, as well as a way to map 
                         out management requirements for an organization, which enables to 
                         implement requirements in addition to those already defined in 
                         standardized systems such as ISO standards. Therefore, it can be 
                         affirmed that the traditional IMS approach allows a generalization 
                         of the IMS concept towards stakeholder management by analyzing the 
                         commonalities among the most used standardized systems and its 
                         stakeholders. The Integrated Stakeholders Management proposed in 
                         this paper is unlimited, making organizations do not become 
                         dependent only on standardized systems. This new approach helps to 
                         incorporate requirements provided by an analysis of stakeholders 
                         demand. In this context, it is concluded that the new concept of 
                         IMS proposed herein is an alternative solution organizations that 
                         aim to achieve better levels of satisfaction of stakeholders, 
                         focusing on meeting their requirements and also in overcoming 
                         their expectations in an integrated manner within their management 
                         processes, not depending only on the standardized systems.",
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