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                         the impacts of climatic drivers on tropical forest dynamics is 
                         becoming a matter of urgency. To look at these climate impacts, we 
                         used a coupled model of tropical tree growth and mortality, 
                         calibrated with forest dynamic data from the 20-year study site of 
                         Paracou, French Guiana, in order to introduce and test a set of 
                         climatic variables. Three major climatic drivers were identified 
                         through the variable selection procedure: drought, water 
                         saturation and temperature. Drought decreased annual growth and 
                         mortality rates, high precipitation increased mortality rates and 
                         high temperature decreased growth. Interactions between key 
                         functional traits, stature and climatic variables were 
                         investigated, showing best resistance to drought for trees with 
                         high wood density and for trees with small current diameters. Our 
                         results highlighted strong long-term impacts of climate variables 
                         on tropical forest dynamics, suggesting potential deep impacts of 
                         climate changes during the next century.",
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