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                         of the driver. Increasing the amplitude of the driver brings the 
                         system to the regime of spatiotemporal chaos (STC), a chaotic 
                         state with a large number of degrees of freedom. Several global 
                         bifurcations are found, including codimension-two bifurcations and 
                         homoclinic bifurcations involving three-tori and the manifolds of 
                         steady waves, leading to the formation of chaotic saddles in the 
                         phase space. We identify four distinct routes to STC; they depend 
                         on the phase of the driver and involve boundary and interior 
                         crises, intermittency, the Ruelle-Takens scenario, the Feigenbaum 
                         cascade, an embedded saddle-node, homoclinic, and other 
                         bifurcations. This study elucidates some of the recently reported 
                         dynamical phenomena.",
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