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                         the consequences is still missing. In this study, we show evidence 
                         of a fragile hydrological equilibrium in the western Amazon. While 
                         drainage systems located near the equator and the western Amazon 
                         do not show water deficit in years with average climate 
                         conditions, this equilibrium can be broken during drought events. 
                         More importantly, we show that this effect is persistent, taking 
                         years until the normal hydrological patterns are reestablished. We 
                         show clear links between persistent changes in forest canopy 
                         structure and changes in hydrological patterns, revealing physical 
                         evidence of hydrological mechanisms that may lead to permanent 
                         changes in parts of the Amazon ecosystem. If prospects of 
                         increasing drought frequency are confirmed, a change in the 
                         current hydroecological patterns in the western Amazon could take 
                         place in less than a decade.",
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