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             abstract = "We analyzed pre-midnight equatorial F region observations made by 
                         the 30 MHz coherent backscatter radar of S{\~a}o Luis, Brazil 
                         between August 2010 and February 2012. These measurements were 
                         processed, and used to create monthly maps of the echo occurrence 
                         as a function of local time and height. The maps show the 
                         inter-annual variability associated with equatorial spread F (ESF) 
                         occurrence in the Brazilian longitude sector. We also constructed 
                         monthly curves of the evening vertical drifts, for the Brazilian 
                         sector, using measurements by the ion velocity meter (IVM) onboard 
                         the C/NOFS satellite. The IVM evening drifts show a good overall 
                         agreement with the Scherliess and Fejer (1999) empirical model. 
                         Measured and model drifts show the development of the pre-reversal 
                         enhancement (PRE) of the vertical plasma drifts during ESF season. 
                         Using joint radar and satellite measurements, we found that 
                         evening (18:0018:30 LT) mean non-negative drifts provide a 
                         necessary but not sufficient condition for the occurrence of 
                         topside ESF echoes. Evening downward (negative) drifts preceded 
                         the absence of topside ESF irregularities.",
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