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                         attractor after an attractor merging crisis (MC) are classified 
                         into three subsets, and employed to reconstruct chaotic saddles in 
                         the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation. It is shown that in the post-MC 
                         regime, the two chaotic saddles evolved from the two coexisting 
                         chaotic attractors before crisis can be reconstructed from the 
                         UPOs embedded in the pre-MC chaotic attractors. The reconstruction 
                         also involves the detection of the mediating UPO responsible for 
                         the crisis, and the UPOs created after crisis that fill the gap 
                         regions of the chaotic saddles. We show that the gap UPOs 
                         originate from saddle-node, period-doubling, and pitchfork 
                         bifurcations inside the periodic windows in the post-MC chaotic 
                         region of the bifurcation diagram. The chaotic attractor in the 
                         post-MC regime is found to be the closure of gap UPOs.",
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