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             abstract = "According to the standard cosmological scenario, superclusters are 
                         objects that have just passed the turn-around point and are 
                         collapsing. The dynamics of very few superclusters have been 
                         analysed up to now. In this paper, we study the supercluster 
                         SC0028-0005, at redshift 0.22, identify the most prominent groups 
                         and/or clusters that make up the supercluster, and investigate the 
                         dynamic state of this structure. For the membership 
                         identification, we have used photometric and spectroscopic data 
                         from Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 10, finding sixmain 
                         structures in a flat spatial distribution. We have also used a 
                         deep multiband observation with MegaCam/Canada-France-Hawaii 
                         Telescope to estimate de mass distribution through the 
                         weak-lensing effect. For the dynamical analysis, we have 
                         determined the relative distances along the line of sight within 
                         the supercluster using the Fundamental Plane of early-type 
                         galaxies. Finally, we have computed the peculiar velocities of 
                         each of the main structures. The 3D distribution suggests that 
                         SC0028-005 is indeed a collapsing supercluster, supporting the 
                         formation scenario of these structures. Using the spherical 
                         collapse model, we estimate that the mass within r = 10 Mpc should 
                         lie between 4 and 16  1015M \⊙. The farthest detected 
                         members of the supercluster suggest that within ~60 Mpc the 
                         density contrast is \δ ~ 3 with respect to the critical 
                         density at z = 0.22, implying a total mass of ~4.6-16  1017M 
                         \⊙, most of which in the form of low-mass galaxy groups or 
                         smaller substructures.",
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