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             abstract = "This paper presents a three-dimensional simulation of the 
                         collisional interchange instability generating equatorial plasma 
                         bubble (EPB) in the evening ionospheric F region and associated 
                         fringe field (FF) in the valley-upper-E (VE) region. This 
                         simulation is primarily intended to address hitherto unexplained 
                         radar observations of ascending irregularity structures only in 
                         the vicinity of the magnetic equator in association with the EPB 
                         phenomenon. Novel results of the present simulation are the 
                         following: (1) EPB-associated FF penetrating into the E region is 
                         found to be confined to a latitude belt of 5, (2) ascending 
                         irregularity structures from the E region is formed only when 
                         perturbation in plasma parameters similar to those responsible for 
                         forming EPB are present in the VE region, and (3) perturbation in 
                         the VE region provide conditions for the formation of ascending 
                         irregularity structures on the eastern wall of the plasma bubble. 
                         These results are in excellent agreement with radar observations 
                         and also account for the presence of metallic ions in the EPB at 
                         and above the F region peak.",
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